Custom Pouch Waiting List

UPDATE: My current waitlist is full. I will open this up again once I have had the chance to get through this current list. For now all custom requests are closed until further notice. Thank you for your patience & understanding. 


Hello! From the months of April through August (2020)  I will be managing any custom requests via a waiting list as I prepare for, welcome  & adjust to baby number three. This will allow me to still create quality custom pouches for you, but at a more relaxed & flexible pace that will work for this season of my life. 

Please fill the form out below and include the following:

  • Your name & email address
  • The number of custom pouches you would like to request
  • The names/words you would like on those pouches

I will be working through this list on a first-come first-serve basis over the coming months and will email you once I come to your name in the list. We can then work out the details of liner choices, strap add-ons, any name changes you may have, etc.  

Once my current batch of April customs have shipped I plan to start up on the waiting list up until baby girl arrives (due at the very end of May). I'll then be taking a good amount of time completely off from any production and will start back up on the list late June/first of July. Then hope to  start back to my normal routine of monthly drops in August. ** Please note that getting on this list does NOT guarantee you a custom pouch. I will do my best to work through it at a reasonable pace, and get through as many as possible over the summer, but I am setting this up to relax my work pace during the fourth trimester.

Thank you for your interest in an Eden & Emeralds Custom Pouch & your patience with me during this exciting time as we welcome our sweet baby sister!