What about Customs? How do I order one?  

I manage customs through drops. This allows me to still create quality custom pouches for you, but at a more relaxed & flexible pace that will work for this season of little ones and homeschooling. Please subscribe to my emails or follow along @edenandemeralds on Instagram to stay updated on when new openings will happen. 

  • Customs are approx 8x10
  • One name/word per bag only - the longer the name the smaller the font, example the name 'Katelynn' will be smaller than the name 'Kate'
  • Customs start at $25. Choice of liner & adding wristlet make costs vary slightly. 
  • You choose the liner - options vary from month to month, but are always previewed on my Instagram ahead of time.
  • Turnaround time on customs are approx. 3-5 weeks. 



 How do I wash my pouches?

All Eden & Emeralds pouches are machine washable. (plastic vinyl pouches excluded)

It is recommended to turn inside out before placing them into the washing machine. Wash on gentle cycle. Tumble dry low & remove promptly. 

If necessary, iron inside out or with a thin cloth, as not to place iron directly onto the textile paint.  Do NOT iron any waterproof bag, doing so could result in the liner fabric melting. 


What are the dimensions of each pouch? 

The Classics measure as follow:

  • mama -  8x10
  • diapers - 8x10
  • baby - 7x9
  • ouch - 7x5

Each bag is hand cut and sewn, so please note that these sizes are approximate and may vary slightly from pouch to pouch. All customs are also 8x10


What can fit into each pouch? 

Obviously, this will vary for each person, but personally I carry the following in each.

  • mama - small notebook/planning calendar, my favorite pen, travel lotion and hand-sanitizer, lipstick, chapstick, pack of gum or mints, my favorite oil roller, and have plenty of room for more if needed.
  • diapers -  my baby wears size 5, so I carry 2-3 diapers, diaper cream, a small travel wipes, an extra onesie and a small thing of disposable baggies.           Side note: I also carry a pouch the same size as this one with my other kids that hold a change of clothes, undies & socks.
  • baby - the contents of this pouch has transitioned over the year of babyhood, but for the most part its contents contained an extra paci, a small toy, an extra burp cloth,  a baby spoon, a bib & an extra pair of socks
  • play - I use this as a busy bag and it's contents rotate pretty regularly from small books, to sticker sheets, to colors, to small cars to play makeup & jewelry. It also can fit an extra pair of play clothes or the necessities for playtime like a scarf & mittens or sunscreen & hat.
  • ouch -  I always have bandaids, antiseptic spray, a owie oil roller, a hand-sanitizer, & thanks to a raisin in my toddler’s nose & a splinter from a playground in my hand happening in the same week, I was reminded that it’s always important to carry tweezers & a lollipop!


What is your return policy? 

• Due to the handmade nature & uniqueness of a custom order, once in production all sales are considered final. A replacement will be considered only if a defect is found immediately upon receipt of product. 

• All other pouch orders may be returned, if unused, for a full refund, or exchange where possible, within 30 days of purchase. Any defect must be reported within 14 days of receipt of product for an exchange to be considered. Email edenandemeralds@gmail.com to initiate return. Shipping will not be refunded nor is return shipping covered. Please return using tracking (I recommend sending USPS first class package). Once items are received a full refund for the products will be processed.