I'm Jeleah and these are my people.  

I'm the mama that can be found making each and every one of these pouches while those two little people sleep. They're also occasionally my models and have always been my inspiration. That handsome one listens to my dreams and plans, helps me check the business side of things and occasionally irons for me.  And we make up the home team behind Eden & Emeralds. 

In my early stages of motherhood, I found myself searching for a creative outlet that allowed me to do something fun just for me during the rare moments I had alone.  I dabbled in a few things, from water-color to modern calligraphy, but regularly found myself back at my sewing machine, which has been a creative outlet I've loved for years.  Long story short, one day I found myself making labeled organization pouches for myself, because even though my creative side is strong, my Type A, list-making, keep everything in its place side is stronger, and I needed something to help keep my diaper bag organized. And then there is my entrepreneur side, which I didn't actually know I had at the time, but as I used my own pouches I couldn't shake the thought that other mamas might need some help staying organized too, so I figured I'd give this thing a shot, & well it seems that some do, which is why you have found me here today. 

My goal for these pouches has always been that I wanted to make something pretty because changing diapers is not. I wanted to make something machine-washable, because Mama doesn't have time for anything other than, and I wanted to make them labeled because then anyone who might be helping Mama out would be able to easily identify which pouch might hold the items they're looking for.

Then as my business grew, I knew I wanted to make it more than just income for my family and began a partnership with Ufulu Groups at the beginning of 2017 - allowing this little shop,not only support mamas by helping keep them organized but also support mamas in Malawi in their motherhood journey with every purchase made.  Read more about that partnership here. 

Fast-forward further in to 2017 I found myself overwhelmed, in the best of ways, with growth in my business but not wanting to let my first priority - my family, suffer. I began to search for a way to outsource part of my process.  After months of researching ethical manufacturing options I came into contact with Stephanie, the founder of Vickery Trading Co., an organization local to me in Dallas, Texas, equipping refugee women for long-term success through vocational training, personal development & fair wages. After just one phone call I knew I had met my match and in October 2017, I began a partnership with them where they took on the vast majority of my sewing. 

I can still be found cutting and hand-writing each & every pouch, and sewing up all of those custom pouches with sweet babe's names on them, but the rest of the sewing has been handed off. This partnership has been such an amazing blessing, allowing my business to grow so I can help more mamas stay organized support more mamas in Malawi, but also allow me to still be mama first & foremost to my own two kiddos.

So there you have it, the Eden & Emeralds pouches you know today were developed as a nap time project and three years later I’m still spending nap time pretty much the same way.  Thanks for supporting me and many other mamas from around the world with your purchases!